Intelligent Car UVC Sanitizer

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The Intelligent Car UVC Sanitizer is a national patent protection product. It makes usage of UVC light sterilization technology, along with featuring infrared detection, voice reminder, and a timing switch.

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There is somewhere else where you spend the most time while you commute, your car, regardless of your home and workplace. Is the car you drive free of all germs and viruses each day?

For car users and other passengers in the car, regular sanitization is a must to ensure the well-being of all. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), disinfecting high-touch surfaces is one of the best ways to protect against spreading the virus. Read More



Just as maintaining a sanitized environment at home and at the workplace is crucial, so is ensuring clean surroundings in your vehicles. Car is the only medium of transportation. Personal vehicles are one of the most frequently used mode of transportation and thus, potentially the vehicles (heh) leads the spreading of viruses if not disinfected properly. Most of our time is spent in our cars. The most rudimentary measure is to keep your cars out of disease-causing pathogens. However, due to improper sanitization and disinfection, all the germs and bacteria from outside is brought inside. So disinfecting your car has become crucial for staying safe.


Client Testimonial- Servotech
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Client Testimonial- Servotech
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It will take just 15 minutes to obtain a healthy place along with complete disinfection and sterilization of virus, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. with the easiest and effective device. We are Servotech Power Sysytems have come up with its best device, Intelligent Car Sanitizer for sterilization and disinfection to the keep you protected.Some more features.
Aluminum body makes it feels great when you hold it in your hands. 
Thicker and greater UVC tube with more grounded disinfection impact. (Clients said that some vehicle UVC germicidal lights in the market are feeble). 
Twofold impact of disinfection and aeration. 
Pleasant plan. The base with a non-slip tangle to dodge harm from tumbling down. 
Pressing in fine cardboard which sufficient to meet the retail necessities in the event that you need it.

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