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Car Air purifier for taxis and cabs
UVC Car Sanitizer
UVC Car Sanitizer UVC


Car Air Purifier

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UVC Car Air Purifier is a disinfection device used for disinfection cars by making use of UVC light sterilization technology along with eradicating odour.


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UVC car air sanitizer kills bacteria by smart control and timer using UV sterilization light and granular activated carbon with an advanced technology of anion purification. Activated carbon fibre cleans by addition of essential oil using PM2.5 clearance in 99.5%.With ultraviolet light uv-c, this handy device can eliminate upto 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in air as tiny as 0.3 microns.

  • UV+Tio2 Nonometer Photocatalyst;
  • Granular activated carbon,anion;
  • HEPA efficient filtration,negative ions;
  • According to personal preferences to add perfume;
  • 4 hours of continuous work automatically shut down
  • Both sides of the cycle of air purification,improve the e efficiency of purification
Car Air Purifier - Servotech Power
Air Car Sanitizer


Disinfecting your car has become the need of the hour! Some people may tend to think that a car is an enclosed space so there is less chance of contamination; instead, as compared to a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler is a bigger fomite.


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Within 15 minutes you will obtain a healthy place along with complete disinfection and sterilization of virus bacteria and other microorganisms with the easiest and most effective device. We have come up with the best device intelligent car sanitizer for sterilization and disinfection to keep you protected.

  • Twofold impact of disinfection and sanitization
  • Thicker and greater uv-c tube with more ground disinfection impact compared to other uv-c germicidal lights in the market which are feeble.


UV Car Air Purifier

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